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US plans to allocate 1 billion US dollars to help carriers eradicate Huawei equipment

According to Reuters, the US House of Representatives proposed a bipartisan bill this week to allocate $1 billion to US small and rural communications providers to replace Chinese Huawei and ZTE's communications equipment.

The Democratic and Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee jointly stated that the bill would protect the country's communications network from foreign rivals and completely eradicate equipment concerns in rural areas and small carriers. In addition, the House of Representatives will hold a bill hearing on Friday, local time.

In May, US President Trump issued an executive order prohibiting US companies from using communications equipment that could pose a national security threat, and asked government agencies such as the Ministry of Commerce to submit draft implementations by October. After that, many large US carriers have Cut off business with Huawei.

However, small equipment vendors in rural areas in the United States still rely heavily on Huawei and ZTE's equipment. The Rural Wireless Less Association has said that one-quarter of the members use Huawei and ZTE's communications equipment.

The report also mentioned that in June this year, people familiar with the matter told Reuters that about 12 US rural communicators using Huawei network equipment are discussing replacement equipment with Ericsson and Nokia. Matters.

To assist these small carriers, the US Senate Commerce Committee (U.S. SenateCommerceCommittee) also issued about $700 million in July for carriers to replace equipment.

The House of Representatives bill may further prohibit equipment vendors from purchasing any equipment that is hazardous to the United States through federal subsidies. It also requires the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide assistance from various carriers to remove any prohibited equipment or services.