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Toshiba's CPS transformation: expansion of AI field, home run of IoT services

According to IT media website report, on November 28th, Toshiba held a strategic technology briefing in Tokyo. CTO Shiro Saito and corporate digital CTO and director of the Digital Innovation Technology Center Yamamoto Hiroshi designated the November 2018 Toshiba Next Plan strategy. Technological developments are explained.

Saito Shiro said that the preparation of the financial foundation of the "Toshiba Next Plan" has been completed, and the next phase will begin to transform to a CPS (Cyberphysical Systems) technology company. The cumulative investment from 2019 to 2023 will be 930 billion yen. Divided into three points:

1. Strong component differentiation and marginalization

2.Deeply develop AI-based digital technology

3. Expand IoT Reference Architecture and Services

In response to "strong differentiation and marginalization of components," Toshiba is working on automation fields such as electronic power, image recognition processor "Visconti 5", lithium-ion battery "SCiB", and intelligent robots.

In response to "deep development of AI-based digital technology", Toshiba claims that it has accumulated more than 50 years of technology accumulation. At present, Toshiba's AI-related patented technology ranks third in the world and first in Japan. On this basis, the research direction will change from "AI that requires manpower" to "AI that learns with a small amount of data", and the ultimate goal is to create AI that can learn by itself.

To support this strategy, Toshiba expects to expand the company's size to 2,000 in 2022, three times the number of existing staff. Among them, the number of personnel is increased. It is expected that 700 people will be trained in the company, 200 people will be recruited outside the company, and 350 people will be trained in the "AI technologist training project" in cooperation with the University of Tokyo.

In response to "expanding IoT reference architecture and services," Hiroshi Yamamoto stated that he aims to become the world's premier CPS company. Toshiba proposed the "TIRA" (Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture) concept in 2018. The IoT using TIRA templates can allocate control, data, analysis, operations, services, business, and system 7 functions to the edge, platform, and enterprise services. Layer architecture.

In 2019, Toshiba has provided 12 IoT services based on the TIRA architecture.

For the 2020 strategic plan, Hiroshi Yamamoto stated that Toshiba IoT service factory will be established to commercialize the established IoT service model.