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Samsung opened 5G chip, OPPO and vivo have another choice

According to foreign media reports, a number of Chinese manufacturers, including OPPO and vivo, have received multiple samples of their 5G chipset solutions from Samsung. These original equipment manufacturers are now focusing on testing Samsung's 5G chipset solution.

At present, the 5G mobile phone baseband chips that have been commercialized are only Qualcomm's Xiaolong X50, Huawei's Barong 5000 and Samsung's ExynosModem5100. Since none of the three currently offer SoC mobile phone chips with integrated 5G baseband, at least until the first quarter of next year, commercial 5G mobile phones will basically adopt the external 5G baseband solution.

Therefore, for mobile phone brand manufacturers, it is naturally possible to choose different 5G baseband chips for matching. However, Huawei's 5G baseband chip is currently not available, and Samsung is ready to supply its 5G baseband. Therefore, other mobile phone brand manufacturers can choose Qualcomm's 5G baseband, and can also use Samsung's 5G baseband as an alternative. In addition, MediaTek's 5G baseband HelioM70 is also about to be mass-produced.

According to Taiwan media media Digitimes recently reported, Samsung Electronics has provided samples of 5G chipset solutions to some Chinese mobile phone manufacturers including OPPO and vivo for testing and verification. Or it will become one of the options for OPPO and vivo.

Supply chain sources pointed out that although OPPO and other manufacturers have decided to adopt the Heidel 5G chip HelioM70, which will be mass-produced in the first half of 2020, and also purchase chips from Qualcomm, in order to balance the procurement ratio of Qualcomm, many domestic manufacturers are actively testing and Verification of Samsung's self-developed and partially sold Exynos series 5G mobile phone chips.

In the first half of this year, Samsung has announced the production of several 5G mobile phone chips, including the data chip ExynosModem5100, the radio frequency (RF) chip ExynosRF5500, and the power management chip ExynosSM5800. All three chips support the sub-6GHz band of 5GNR.

In terms of specific specifications, ExynosModem5100 chip is built with 10nmLPP process, supporting Sub6GHz low frequency (used in China) and mmWave (millimeter wave) high frequency, backward compatible with 2G/3G/4G network. However, it is important to note that the ExynosModem5100 supports only NSA networking and does not support SA.