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Plessey and CP light up the first 0.26-inch integrated Micro LED display module

Plessey and CompoundPhotonics (CP), a supplier of microLED solutions for AR / MR in the United States, previously announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop and launch a microdisplay solution based on silicon-based gallium nitride MicroLED for AR / MR applications. Yesterday, the two parties announced the production of the first fully addressable AR / MR MicroLED display modules.

CP and Plessey's engineering team combined CP's high-speed digital low-latency display backplane with Plessey's silicon-based gallium nitride monolithic MicroLED array technology to successfully produce a functional MicroLED display module. Plessey's team produces MicroLED array wafers bonded to CP backplane wafers at its facility in Plymouth, UK. CP's team assembles and packages display modules for bonded wafer pairs at its facility in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Currently, the two teams are conducting preliminary micro-level work at CP's US plant in Vancouver.

Plessey said that this successful proof-of-concept demonstration validated the goals of the two companies: to produce the industry's highest-performing MicroLED display module, which provides higher brightness at the smallest pixel size and higher frame rate, and at the lowest The power extension bit depth best serves the next generation of light-emitting displays based on AR / MR smart glasses and head-up / head-mounted displays (HUD / HMD) applications.

These prototype MicroLED displays have importantly demonstrated that Plessey's monolithic silicon-based gallium nitride IP, manufacturing technology, and bonding process can perfectly match CP's industrial 3.015 micron pixel pitch 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) backplane design, providing compact high resolution Rate mini display. These MicroLED displays combined with CP's NOVA high-performance display driver architecture support industry-standard MIPI interfaces to leverage CP's unique display pipeline solution to meet the real-time needs of AR / MR applications. CP's display drive technology can be extended to a variety of display technologies through comprehensive software configurability, enabling customers to build systems that meet specific power and performance requirements.

The news shows that the initial sample of a 0.26-inch diagonal, full HD 1080p resolution MicroLED display module that integrates the display driver IC and MIPI input is expected to be available in the summer of 2020.