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Netcom and TWS bless, Realtek's 2019 revenue hits record high

Netcom IC design factory Realtek announced December 2019 revenue of NT $ 5.514 billion (the same unit below), an increase of 0.52% per month and an annual increase of 40.41%, the third highest monthly performance in history. Cumulative fourth-quarter revenue was 16.685 billion yuan, an increase of 4% quarterly and an annual increase of 39.72%. Annual revenue was 60.744 billion yuan, an annual increase of 32.61%. Quarterly and yearly records a record high, and operating performance continued to shine.

Looking forward to 2020, industry insiders are optimistic that the orders from Realtek Netcom and True Bluetooth Wireless Headset (TWS) are stable, coupled with the Tokyo Olympics is expected to pay attention to the performance of 8K TV chips. Also create new magpies.

General Manager Huang Yiwei recently named two directions. He pointed out that in retrospect, Realtek has maintained steady growth, and in 2020 the company will continue to work towards upgrading existing products and expanding new applications. In his view, next year It is expected to continue to grow.

In response to Realtek ’s main products, Ye Daxun, vice president of advanced process technology, previously stated that Realtek ’s 3rd generation TWS with active noise reduction (ANC) has excellent performance based on power consumption, latency and stability, and is currently shipping in small quantities. And the order demand is good, optimistic that the brand will continue to launch new smartphones in 2020, TWS has become standard, driving Realtek's performance.

In terms of Netcom products, Ye Daxun pointed out that the standard market of China Netcom has been withdrawn, and a new generation of 802.11ax (WiFi-6) orders is expected to gradually appear in 2020, and Realtek is ready. According to the legal person, although the short-term market demand is still dominated by 802.11ac and 802.11n, Realtek's WiFi-6 products have planned to introduce new laptop customers in the second half of the year. As the market gradually shifts to new specifications, the price is also higher than 802.11ac. 15%, future market contribution is expected.

For the TV chip, Realtek estimates that under the theme of the Tokyo Olympics, 8K image decoding and processing chips will be released in 2020, with shipments of several million units. The main force will still be 4K system single chips. Huang Yiwei believes that the overall product line can still see growth situation.

In order to expand new applications, Realtek chose to enter the field of biomedicine. It has recently announced a investment of 3.8 billion yuan in Zhubei Biomedical Park. It is expected that TWS will be first improved as a medical hearing aid, and targeted at hearing aids, medical image transmission systems and other businesses.