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Micron announces the world's fastest SSD with 3D XPoint technology

Micron, a memory maker, recently announced that it has officially launched the world's fastest SSD-MicronX100SSD, with 2.5 million read/write speeds per second and a bandwidth of over 9GB/s, which is the highest in the industry. Samples are expected to be available this season. To the customer.

Micron pointed out that the MicronX100SSD is the first product in Micron's product family to be specifically targeted at data centers with high storage density and high memory density applications. These solutions will take advantage of 3DXPoint technology and lead the storage to the new level of storage at a higher level of storage and durability than DRAM and higher endurance and performance than NAND.

Micron further noted that the MicronX100SSD delivers industry performance that disrupts big data applications and data exchange workloads by combining industry-leading high bandwidth, low latency, quality of service (QoS) and high tolerance products. The Micron X100SSD accelerates data center applications by delivering large amounts of data in real time, and significantly increases the speed of data transfer while maintaining predictable and fast service for faster data insight.

According to Micron's published data, the MicronX100SSD offers up to 2.5 million read/write times per second (IOPS) in high-performance native storage, more than three times the most competitive SSD products available today. In addition, it has a bandwidth of over 9GB/s in read, write and mix modes, three times faster than today's most competitive NAND products, and also provides consistent read and write latency, 11 times shorter than NANDSSD. And improve the end-user experience by 2 to 4 times for a variety of applications with universal data center workloads.

Micron also emphasizes that the MicronX100SSD's high-performance, small storage space allows users to over-provision storage space for high performance. Moreover, since the Micron X100SSD supports the standard NVMe interface, you can enjoy the full advantage of the product without changing the software.