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Micron Singapore expands 3D NAND flash fab to be completed

Micron's expansion of the 3D NAND flash memory fab in Singapore was officially completed yesterday (14th). Micron pointed out that this is a strategy in response to customer demand in areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous driving, and is also an important layout for the transformation of Micron's Singapore flash memory manufacturing industry.

Singapore is an important base for the production of Micron's flash memory. Taiwan and Japan are the focus of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) production. In recent years, Micron has expanded its investment in Asia. Japan continues to promote advanced DRAM processes and builds Micron's first 3D DRAM packaging plant in Taichung. And the Taichung and Taoyuan DRAM factories are built as Micron's DRAM Center of Excellence. Micron also promised to expand Taiwan's DRAM manufacturing scale. The relevant plans have been submitted to the Taiwan Branch of the China Science and Technology Administration for review. I hope the government can help solve problems such as land, water and electricity.

The new plant is part of Micron's NAND Center of Excellence, which will leverage its long-term investment in Singapore's infrastructure and technology expertise to advance to 3D NANDFlash by expanding the clean room and switching processes.

President and CEO of Micron Sanjay Mehrotra hosted the opening ceremony yesterday, including Micron customers, suppliers, distributors, academic leaders, community partners, members of the Micron team and local government officials, including more than 500 people, Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Wang Ruijie also attended the ceremony.

According to Sanjay Mehrotrad, the Micron NAND Center of Excellence is designed with state-of-the-art intelligent manufacturing capabilities to provide expansion for several generations of 3D NAND transformation. Looking forward to continuing cooperation, innovation and success with local suppliers, universities and government agencies in Singapore, he also thanked the relevant partners and units for the expansion of Micron's expansion plan.

Micron emphasizes that the construction of a new plant in Singapore is a technological transformation of the advanced node of 3D NANDFlash technology, in response to customer demand in the fields of 5G, AI and autonomous driving, and also enhances the future growth momentum of Micron.