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Micron: 3D QLC flash memory shipments soared 75%

SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC... Different flash specifications have come down all the way. Although the capacity is getting bigger and bigger, the performance, life and reliability are getting weaker and weaker, and can only be compensated by other means. Just as many people have resisted TLC before, there are still many people who do not accept QLC, but the trend is irreversible.

Micron is one of the first manufacturers to mass-produce 3DQLC flash memory. According to Micron's latest statement, 3DQLC flash memory shipments (in terms of bit capacity) for solid-state drives increased by 75% in the previous quarter.

At present, Micron's own consumer-grade, enterprise-class NVMe, SATA SSD, and microSD storage have fully applied 3DQLC flash memory, and Micron has also supplied 3DQLC to other SSD manufacturers.

According to recent data from SK hynix, TLC still occupies about 85% of the NAND flash market, but according to this trend, QLC will soon become the mainstream.

Micron also said that 3D flash memory is still oversupply, and with the increase in 96-layer 3D flash memory capacity, the situation will be more severe, so Micron will continue to adjust flash memory capacity, the production will increase from 5% announced a quarter ago to 10 %.