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Korean media: Samsung wafer foundry annual forum postponed!

According to Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics issued a notice on Monday that the company ’s annual foundry business strategy annual forum was postponed because of the global pandemic virus.

It is reported that the Samsung Wafer Foundry Forum will be held in Silicon Valley, California on May 20, and will launch a series of global annual forum activities including China, Japan and Germany.

A Samsung spokesman said: "The forum has been postponed until the second half of the year, but the company will continue to monitor the situation."

At present, in the global semiconductor foundry market, Samsung Electronics ranks second with 17.8% market share; the first is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. of Taiwan, which holds 52.7% market share.

The report pointed out that the forum is a step for Samsung to expand its foundry business. Since 2016, Samsung has attracted hundreds of fabless customers to the forum. At the meeting, the company will share its foundry technology roadmap and related service strategies.