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Intel will support hardware ray tracing acceleration on data center Xe GPUs

  In a blog post about this week's FMX graphics conference, Intel officially released the official news about its upcoming Xe GPU hardware ray tracing support. Although very brief, it is enough to confirm that Intel will provide some form of hardware lighting. Tracking acceleration - but only covering its data center GPU. The original text is very short: "It's great to share the Intel Xe Architecture Data Center Optimized Rendering Roadmap, including ray tracing hardware acceleration support for the Intel Rendering Framework family of APIs and libraries."

Intel did not disclose whether ray tracing hardware support will appear in the first generation data center Xe GPU, which means it will likely appear in the next generation. Intel does not explicitly state the meaning of hardware acceleration, but since it specifically mentions "hardware acceleration" rather than "support," the actual hardware used to test raycasting can be expected, especially for data center GPUs. Such high-end products.

Intel's blog post pointed out that the company will use the "whole platform" approach for ray tracing while using the CPU and GPU to complete the task. So while the GPU will be an important part of Intel's efforts to improve its ray tracing performance, the company will seek to leverage traditional CPUs for future ray tracing efforts. So it's no surprise to see how the company is looking to use these (and other new processor technologies) to work with the CPU.