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Intel is actively investing in 100G Ethernet, which may accelerate popularity

  In response to high-speed transmission and computing requirements such as cloud, server and data center, Intel is actively promoting 100G Ethernet deployment, and the 100G Ethernet penetration rate is expected to accelerate significantly. Alex Cheng, director of commercial business for the Intel Business & Marketing Group, said that Intel has more than 95% of its ecosystem (including computing, storage, and networking) in the data center market. With this advantage, when Intel begins to enter the 100G Ethernet market, the entire data The upstream and downstream of the central industry will accelerate the deployment of 100G Ethernet.

It is reported that in order to promote 100G Ethernet construction, Intel recently released Intel Ethernet 800 series controllers and adapters, and is expected to begin mass production in the third quarter of 2019. Intel pointed out that the new Ethernet family adds a variety of groundbreaking features, including the Application Device Array (ADQ), which improves application performance and meets service level agreement (SLA) consistency.

ADQ allows applications to run Open Source with Redis, with a 50% improvement in response time predictability, a 45% reduction in latency, and a 30% increase in throughput.

In addition, other advanced features include Enhanced Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) to improve packet processing efficiency and enable new services, and through iWARP and RoCE v2 Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) support. Workloads that are highly sensitive to latency are processed faster.

Alex Cheng explained that the current data center is most popular with 10G Ethernet, and 100G Ethernet is considered a niche market. However, the rise of the Internet of Things and AI, in order to have faster transmission and computing efficiency, the era of using high-speed network to connect to the cloud has arrived; Intel's construction in the data center not only focuses on computing, storage, but also on the network. Therefore, it was decided to actively invest in the construction of 100G Ethernet. With the new 800 series and its own ecosystem advantages, the construction of 100G Ethernet will be smoother, and the data centers will enter the 100G Ethernet era as early as possible.