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Huawei Hisilicon did not reduce one order, TSMC's wafer foundry business is still hot

The new crown virus fears that it will continue to affect the global technology industry chain, but since the second half of last year, TSMC's wafer foundry business has not been affected at all.

According to Digitimes, Taiwanese IC design company revealed that TSMC's short-term orders have not been loosened, and even when customers shrink orders, they can see other customers make up. The chip supplier's order will not change until a clear end-customer's order-slashing action appears.

This includes Huawei Hisilicon. Taiwanese semiconductor companies familiar with Huawei and Hisilicon systems have revealed that Huawei's senior management has decided to continue to increase the level of chip inventories without any reduction. Therefore, at least in the first quarter, Huawei is unlikely to make orders.

In response to the impact of the epidemic, Huawei has also officially announced its operating status. Reuters reported that Huawei stated that it has resumed production of products including consumer products and operator equipment, and that the business is operating normally. Most of the resumed production operations are currently in Dongguan, Guangdong. And other domestic chip makers such as Changjiang Memory and SMIC have also maintained or resumed production and operations.

In addition, Tongfu Microelectronics, one of Huawei's suppliers and China's second largest packaging and testing factory, also issued an announcement saying that in the current packaging and testing order, China Kelonson ’s Godson processor for satellite navigation, Huawei for base stations, and 5G communications Chips and other products can be delivered as scheduled.