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German retail data: AMD CPU sales sales in July doubled

Mindfactory.de is one of the most popular PC hardware retailers in Germany. Although its CPU sales status does not reflect the global sales of AMD/Intel products, it can also reflect certain market trends.

Recently, according to the latest data from Mindfactory, the RYZEN3000 processor became one of Mindfactory's best-selling products after its official launch on July 7. It doubled its sales and sales in June.

Although AMD CPU has surpassed Intel in Mindfactory for a long time, the sales of AMD and Intel are actually not much different because of the lower average price.

But when the RYZEN3000 processor went on the market, this balance was broken. First, AMD sales accounted for 79% of the overall CPU sales in July (RYZEN3000 accounted for more than half of them). In terms of sales, AMD also reached the opponent's three. More than double.

In other words, AMD turned over both sales and sales with the excellent performance of RYZEN3000.

Thanks to this, since July, Mindfactory's CPU sales and sales have increased significantly.