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From 4.3 billion to 4.6 billion euros! Ams again made an offer to Osram for the acquisition

On the 18th, OSRAM issued a press release announcing that ams proposed a new takeover offer to OSRAM. The total purchase price rose from 4.3 billion euros to 4.6 billion euros. This time, it was composed of Advent International and BainCapital. The consortium will give up the bid!

According to the news, ams intends to submit a voluntary public offer to the OSRAM shareholders to acquire all Osram shares at a price of 41 euros per share for a total price of approximately 4.6 billion euros, with a minimum acceptance threshold of 55%. It is reported that the first acceptance of the initial €4.3 billion offer is 62.5%.

Osram said that the company's board of directors welcomed the progress made and believed that the two sides could reach a consensus on the future-oriented strategic concept. The board of directors and the board of supervisors will carefully review the offer and make reasonable comments.

It is understood that on August 12, Osram confirmed the receipt of the first all-cash offer of ams, and on September 3, ams made a counter-offer to Osram.

On October 4th, Ams’s first acquisition attempt failed. Subsequently, OSRAM executive directors invited ams executives to discuss the possibility of cooperation within the law.

Currently, ams is the largest single shareholder of OSRAM and holds nearly 20% of its equity.

In addition, Anhong Capital and Bain Capital have announced that they will abandon the bid this time, but will closely monitor the progress of the transaction.

It is understood that Anhong Capital and Bain Capital announced at the end of September that they will propose a new offer to acquire all the shares of Osram, and said that they will provide a "meaningful" premium, higher than the price of 38.5 euros per share proposed by ams. Before the ams made a new offer, the consortium was conducting an audit.

According to a letter dated October 18, Anhong Capital and Bain Capital have not seen the success of the transaction, so no further due diligence will be conducted.