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Edwan: This year's global semiconductor test demand is down 15% annually

Advantest, a semiconductor test equipment manufacturer, expects that global semiconductor test demand may be reduced by 15% this year due to the Sino-US trade war, but the company itself is better than expected at the beginning of the year, next year under 5G, AI and the Internet of Things. The semiconductor test market is expected to rebound.

Looking forward to the semiconductor market in the second half of this year to next year, Ai Wanwan, chairman and general manager of Taiwan, Wu Qingxi said that there are still many variables in the semiconductor market from the second half of this year to the next year. It is necessary to observe the trade war factors, and the overall market conditions are still difficult to predict. However, the Advantest test is relatively stable due to its high-end test market, such as 5G and HPC. Therefore, the operation status is relatively optimistic.

Observing the semiconductor test market, Wu Wanqi, senior deputy general manager of the Edwin ATE business sales division, pointed out that last year was a very good year. This year's growth rate may be lower than last year. There are still uncertainties such as Sino-US trade war. The estimated decline is about 15%, but overall, this year, Edwin’s performance is better than originally expected.

Wu Wanqi further pointed out that memory test demand will decline by 37% this year, mainly because Korean manufacturers' memory shipments are slowing down, but DDR 5 and high-speed computing (HPC) will drive the DRAM market demand.

The system-on-chip (SoC) As customers continue to invest in production capacity, steady demand for testing, only the estimated 11% decline, decline rate is relatively moderate, and high-end SoC test demand is still growing, is expected next year there will be demand for high-end SoC Higher growth.