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Can you solve the supply problem? Samsung Electronics wins Intel CPU foundry order

Recently, Intel's PC CPU production is seriously insufficient, so it has decided to outsource production and is cooperating with multinational foundry companies such as Samsung Electronics and TSMC.

According to a Korean media report, Samsung Electronics has obtained a foundry order for a CPU (Central Processing Unit) for Intel PCs. In the past, Intel signed a contract with Samsung Electronics for parts foundry, but this time Intel commissioned the foundry system semiconductor CPU for the first time.

After PC manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo slammed Intel ’s supply status a few days ago, Intel issued a letter of apology with Vice President Michelle Johnston Holthaus, acknowledging that demand was incorrect, and said that it was increasing the proportion of foundries.

According to industry analysts, although Intel's CPU output increased by two digits in the second half of the year, the supply is still insufficient, which also prompted Intel to commission Samsung Electronics to produce OEM products.

In fact, among the global foundry companies, the companies that can take Intel CPU foundry orders are very limited, only TSMC, Samsung Electronics, and GlobalFoundries.

Korean media "Korea Economy" also pointed out that TSMC continued to maintain transactions with Huawei in the United States, and Samsung Electronics became Intel's priority list.

South Korea's KTB Investment Securities analyst Jin Liangzai predicts that after Qualcomm, Intel is expected to increase foundry orders.