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Bloomberg: Apple may launch the ARM version of Mac in 2020

There have been rumors that Apple is developing an Arm architecture processor for Mac and Macbook Pro. It is widely expected that Apple will convert its Intel series-powered Intel processors into Arm-based custom chips in the next few years.

In response, Bloomberg reported in a recent report that Apple is expected to launch its first ARM-based Mac product in 2020. Based on this chip, the Mac will be able to provide "higher efficiency and lower battery consumption."

There are rumors that this series of products may be launched with the 16-inch Macbook launched this month.

Bloomberg's forecast is not untargeted. According to reports, Intel also said that Apple's Mac products will begin to transition to the Arm chip next year.

Although this change is not good news for Intel, it can allow Apple to avoid the shortage of Intel processors and make it faster to bring products to market.

In addition, Bloomberg also said that in addition to the ARM chip based on the Arm chip, Apple may also launch AR products in 2020.

There have been rumors that this product recently appeared in the iOS 13 beta, will be processed by its built-in 5nm processor without relying on the iPhone. In addition, it is reported that Apple will launch a new Apple Watch with sleep tracking in 2020.