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Benefit from 5G demand! Hon Hai Industrial Alliance is expected to grow 16% next year

According to Taiwan media reports, the revenue of Hon Hai ’s industrial affiliate is expected to benefit from three major growth drivers next year. In addition, China Overseas ’s new 5G demand will drive orders to increase in the third quarter of next year, coupled with the new design of the new iPhone metal mid-frame, industry insiders expect the company ’s profit to increase by 16% next year.

Looking forward to the revenue performance of Industrial Wealth Union next year, an industry report indicates that the top 5 customers of Industrial Wealth Union and 80% of their income come from overseas. The growth point of Industrial Wealth Union's performance depends on overseas 5G investment cycles.

It is understood that the core customers of Industrial Fulian include Amazon (Amazon), Apple, ARRIS, Cisco, Dell, Ericsson, HP, Huawei, Tencent, Lenovo, NetApp, Nokia, nVIDIA, Oracle, Xiaomi, iQiyi and so on.

Industry insiders estimate that Chinese overseas operators will get 5G licenses next year. Driven by new demand, Industrial Fulian is expected to enter a new growth cycle next year. Industrial Fulian's 5G orders have the opportunity to increase significantly in the third quarter of next year.

In addition, in the area of ​​consumer electronics, industry insiders predict that next year's new design metal frame for Apple iPhone will increase in volume and price, and the related performance of Industrial Fulian is expected to continue to rise.

On the whole, the assembly of communications network equipment, cloud service equipment assembly, and the processing of high-precision components for communications network equipment next year will be the three major growth drivers for the Industrial Fulian Group next year.

The industry estimates that the growth rate of Industrial Fulian's performance in the first half of next year can exceed expectations. Next year's full-year net profit after tax is expected to exceed RMB 20.7 billion, an increase of 15% to 16% over this year. The profit target in 2021 will exceed RMB 26 billion. RMB, an increase of 25% to 26% over 2020.