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Apple hires ARM chip designers to reduce Mac's dependence on Intel

According to foreign media reports, Apple hired ARM's key chip designers to achieve the transition of Mac devices from Intel to Apple chips, reducing the dependence on Intel chips. The report said that Apple will begin the transition to ARM processors in 2020, and Apple analyst mingchikuo also proposed a similar transition timetable.

As Apple continues to work hard on its own ARM processor on the Mac, the company has hired a key designer from ARM. In May of this year, Apple hired Mike Filippo to join its Texas-based chip architecture team, which has been confirmed by ARM.

According to MikeFilippo's LinkedIn, he has worked at ARM for 10 years as a chief CPU architect and chief system architect. Prior to joining ARM, Filippo worked at AMD and Intel. According to his LinkedIn profile, he joined Apple in May.

AnshelSag first discovered the employee on Twitter, although Filippo's LinkedIn profile shows that he is still in ARM, but the chipmaker confirmed in a statement to Bloomberg that he has left ARM. In this regard, Apple did not comment.

A spokesman for the UK-based ARM company said: "MikeFilippo is a long-term and valuable member of the ARM community." "We thank him for all his efforts and wish him good performance in his next step."

It is reported that MikeFilippo resigned from ARM's chief semiconductor engineer earlier this year and went to Apple. Gerard Williams III left the company nine years after serving as the senior director of Apple's platform architecture. He led many of the A-series processors Apple used on the iPhone and iPad. .

In the future, MikeFilippo will be able to take on some of the responsibilities that Williams has left, bringing its ARM knowledge to Apple's own A-series chips.

Apple is migrating its Mac line to ARM processors to reduce its reliance on Intel. According to reports, Apple's customized A-series chips for iphone and ipad have proven to be very powerful.

For Apple, the most meaningful approach is to launch a Mac with a custom ARM chip for the first time in a 12-inch MacBook, and it will take a while to see.