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Apple has made a big change to the lens structure, and the rear lens will no longer protrude?

Apple's new iPhone camera this year is based on the Yuba arrangement, even the iPhone 11 behind the dual camera is still a matrix arrangement. Although Apple has greatly upgraded the camera performance this year, it still can't escape the slogan of netizens. It is said that like a gas stove, there is a razor, and without exception, the apples that vomit for the pursuit of art look are so ugly. Three shots at the back.

Aside from the three-shot, the lens of Wannian is also a heart disease that fruit powder has been lingering all year round. This controversial design may change in the future. A newly released patent document states that Apple is developing a lens structure similar to a SLR camera, which is expected to reduce the height of the lens and enhance the imaging effect.

According to AppleInsider, Apple mentioned a different structure from the current mobile phone lens in the latest patent file. Due to the limited size of the body, it is difficult to use a large number of lens and ridge system in a single lens. This new technology will make the photosensitive element and the actual camera position 90 degrees perpendicular to the two by extending the prism. The distance between the people avoids the lens protruding due to the component stacking.

The patented technology adopts three or five lens structures respectively, and can also bring a shooting distance equivalent to about 80-200mm of the equivalent focal length of the full-frame camera. PhoneArena believes that this technology is expected to bring better results to Apple's telephoto lens, while avoiding the lens protruding to solve the problem of being criticized by fruit powder over the years.

It's not easy to make changes to the lens structure. After all, the vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers are still enjoying the CMOS, which is not to upgrade the higher pixel CMOS, to provide a larger aperture, or to polish their own native camera software. By AI means to beautify, if Apple can really change the existing lens structure design, then in the future it will definitely be an advantage to compete with the Android camp.