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Apple has determined that the 5G version of the iPhone will use the LCP soft board

  In order to cope with the high-frequency transmission demand, Apple's new iPhone has to use which kind of material soft board, which has always paid close attention to the market, but the latest news pointed out that Apple's 4G version of the iPhone will adopt the MPI (Modify PI) soft board this year. However, the 5G version of the iPhone, which will be launched next year, will use LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin) soft board.

Guo Mingwei, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities, issued a report stating that most of the new models in the second half of this year will be due to the fact that the MPI board's wireless performance in the 4G / LTE band does not lose LCP, and MPI still has an advantage in production cost and yield. The iPhone antenna soft board material will be changed to MPI.

Guo Minghao pointed out that the LCP soft board does have the advantage of high-frequency wireless transmission, but because of the production problem, the advantage of the LCP soft board will not be played.

In fact, according to the exclusive news of the core technology, Apple has almost finalized in March this year. This year's iPhone will be based on the MPI soft board. As for the LCP soft board, it is necessary to improve the product yield before it has the opportunity to obtain Apple.

It is understood that Apple's iPhone soft board orders this year are mainly obtained from suppliers such as Taichung, Yuding, Tongtai, and Fujimura of the Taiwanese supply chain. As for the LCP soft board orders next year, it is expected that the chances of getting from Ding Ding, Dongshan Precision and Taichung are higher.

The soft board factory pointed out that the quality of LCP is indeed much better than MPI, and the low loss, flexibility and sealing of LCP are its advantages, so LCP has a considerable advantage in the field of high frequency components. However, LCP also has 2 fatal injuries. One is that the shrinkage rate of LCP material is too high, which makes production difficult, and the second is cost.

In addition, the supply of raw materials for LCP is also a big problem. Only Japanese manufacturers Murata and Kuraray can supply them. Among them, Murata's production capacity is large, so raw material suppliers can smoothly expand production, which is also an indicator for subsequent observation.