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5G business opportunities for PCB plants are expected to explode next year

Looking forward to 2020, the director of the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) Li Changming believes that due to the 5G high-frequency and high-speed communication, the overall supply chain including PCB materials, processes, and equipment will rise by one level, such as the board area becomes larger. , The number of layers increased, the wiring becomes thinner, etc., the increase in technology will further increase the unit price of products. It is optimistic that 5G-related products will continue to increase, and the PCB will also grow in "quality" and "quantity." The growth is slightly flat.

According to TPCA, the number of global 5G base constructions is estimated to reach 1 to 1.2 million in 2020, and mainland China will occupy about 600,000 to 800,000, with the coverage rate approaching 10%. In addition, estimated shipments of 5G smartphones It will approach 200 million pieces, and the business opportunities of the derived components are huge.

The demand for "quality" has increased the proportion of high-end products. 5G applications range from base station construction, 5G mobile phones, and terminal communication equipment to various 5G application fields. Due to the working environment of high-frequency / high-speed signals, The components have obvious upgrades in specifications. For example, the core chips in 5G base stations, due to the large increase in the number of I / Os and the chip area, the high-priced ABF carrier board replaced the BT carrier board; the base unit antenna unit price has also more than doubled. The millimeter wave 5G mobile phone only contains PCB, RF components, AiP (integrated antenna package), and camera module cost about $ 100.

The increase in "quantity" has formed economies of scale for manufacturers. It is expected that in the 5G era, the frequency band will increase from 15 in the current 4G era to 30, and the number of filters per phone will increase from 40 to 70. The number of switches The number of PAs will also increase from 10 to 30, and the number of PAs will also multiply. There will be 3 to 5 newly derived AiP antennas on the mobile phone side and as many as 20 to 25 on the communication equipment side. With manufacturers increasing capital expenditures one after another, it is easier to form economies of scale for large factories.