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5 major customers are stable? TSMC 5nm true fragrance

On September 23, according to the Taiwan Economic Daily, TSMC's 5nm process has won five basic customers from Apple, HiSilicon, AMD, Bitland and Xilinx, and decided to expand its monthly production capacity from the original 51,000 pieces to 70,000 pieces. The production time will be advanced to March next year.

This year, Apple's A13 chip is rare and does not use TSMC's latest 7nm EUV process. However, some insiders pointed out that the iPhone 11 series mobile phone equipped with this chip has just been sold. The A14 chip has already adopted 5nm EUV in TSMC's Zhongke factory. The process flow is gone.

Huawei's recently launched Kirin 990 5G version has TSMC 7nm EUV blessing. It is understood that TSMC's 5nm full-mask flow film costs about 300 million yuan, and the cost does not include IP authorization. With its strong financial strength and high pursuit of advanced technology, Huawei will definitely be the first batch of early adopters.

With regard to the other three 5nm customers, Bitcoin is focusing on the offensive AI field. Together with this year's bitcoin price rebound, TSMC's 5nm process will be a strong boost to the company's future growth.

AMD cooperated with TSMC 7nm this year, and its CPU and GPU sales were frequently reported, which forced Nvidia, which was not interested in 7nm, to follow up quickly. AMD, which has tasted the sweetness, will further follow TSMC's advanced technology, placing 5nm EUV.

In addition, Xilinx, a supplier of programmable logic device (FPGA), which continues to shine in the field of AI special application chips, continues to push toward 5nm. TSMC's 5nm process demand exceeds expectations.

Originally, the cost of 300 million RMB will be the high threshold of TSMC, but at present, major customers will follow up decisively. In the case that Nvidia is behind the 7nm process time node this year, next year, it will not rule out that it will also seek "counterattack" and grab the TSMC 5nm process.

However, TSMC's production capacity may be problematic when multiple parties place orders simultaneously. Samsung's 5nm 5LPE is also scheduled to be mass-produced in the first half of next year, or will be ushered in a single order, what is the situation on both sides of the order? Jiwei.com will continue to track reports.